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The Peak 44 Blacktooth was built out of necessity and engineered to be the lightest and strongest carbon fiber stock on the market.

Starting at just 20 oz, the sporter style Blacktooth utilizes aerospace materials that have incredible strength-to-weight ratios. Each stock utilizes a patented carbon fiber bedding block, this slip of carbon engages the front recoil lug and transfers the force of the recoil directly to the exterior shell, for the shooter this means less felt recoil.

To further help manage the effects of recoil the Blacktooth’s 3D Hex recoil pad was designed to stretch the time component of recoil. As recoil is absorbed into the pad’s honeycomb structure, the hexagonal voids begin to collapse and disperse the recoil’s energy when compared to traditional pads. This proprietary process turns that sharp kick into a gentle shove. At Peak 44 every detail and ounce matters.

Adding a Blacktooth to your current rifle to trim valuable weight and increase accuracy.

Reduced felt recoil

Negative Comb

The negative comb reduces felt recoil and allows the shooter to maintain proper form. This is vital for target acquisition and follow up shots.

Bedding Block

Carbon Bedding Block

Bonded to the outer shell and working in tandem with a set of aluminum pillars, this slip of carbon takes the place of a much larger and heavier aluminum bedding block. The carbon bedding block allows recoil impulses to transfer directly from the recoil lug of the action to the outer shell of the stock, enabling the use of lighter weight fill material throughout the stock shell.

Maintain proper form

Advanced Ergonomics

The grip on the Peak 44 stocks combines a relatively thin wrist with a healthy ambidextrous palm swell and substantial thumb grooves to promote proper form while shooting.

Destroy recoil

3DHEX Recoil Pad

The 3DHEX recoil pad kills recoil unlike any pad on the market today. The first recoil pad to employ additive manufacturing at the production level. The set of collapsible voids function to stretch the time component of recoil, making that sharp kick into a soft shove.

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