The Blacktooth stock weighs in at a mere 19oz.

The Blacktooth stock is the lightest production aerospace-grade carbon fiber stock on the market. Setting it apart is the patent-pending Rock Solid Carbon Link bedding system and the available patented 3DHEX recoil pad.

The 3DHEX recoil pad is very unique in the fact that it could not be manufactured before the advent of additive manufacturing (3D printing). Using production-level 3D printing, the 3DHEX contains an intricate system of interlocking voids in a honeycomb pattern. Upon firing the shot, the recoil impulse begins collapsing the honeycomb structures in stages. This multi-stage compression system draws out the time component of the recoil impulse, turning a sharp kick into a much more gentle push. Peak 44 is able to make use of the patented 3DHEX technology through an industry partnership with Weatherby, Inc.

Instead of an aluminum bedding block that adds weight and bulk, the Rock Solid Carbon Link replaces that with a slip bridge of carbon fiber that is bonded to the exterior shell of the stock. Recoil is transmitted from the recoil lug of the action directly to the shell of the stock, enabling the Blacktooth to employ lighter weight materials than other stocks on the market. By orienting the fibers along the axis of their greatest strength, the RSCL is stronger than an aluminum bedding block while being a fraction of the weight.

Peak 44 has an industry partnership with Weatherby that allows us to share technologies. As part of that partnership, Weatherby is able to source the Blacktooth stock from Peak 44, while Peak 44 has access to patented technology like the 3DHEX recoil pad that can be equipped on our stocks.

Each stock is designed to accommodate a range of barrel channels. Refer to our chart regarding barrel fitment and what stock you should order. With the wide variety of rifles on the market, there are good odds that the barrels of certain guns will experience interference in the stock’s barrel channel. If you don’t wish to have a qualified gunsmith modify the barrel channel to accommodate the barrel, unmodified stocks in like new condition can be returned.

The Blacktooth stock has aluminum pillars built in, and the factory torque specification is 55 inch/lbs. The proper procedure for torquing the stock is: Locate a torque screwdriver with an appropriately-sized bit for your rifle’s action screws Tighten the rear action screw to 35 in/lbs Align the barrel in the center of the barrel channel of the stock Tighten the front action screw to 35 in/lbs Tighten the rear action screw to 55 in/lbs Tighten the front action screw to 55 in/lbs.

Peak 44 does not recommend or warrant the use of any solvent more powerful than soap and water for cleaning of the Blacktooth stock.

This depends. The Blacktooth was designed to work with factory Remington BDL bottom metals as well as M5, and certain other BDL-style bottom metals have a unique inlet required for their use. We recommend any fitting to be performed by a qualified gunsmith.

Peak 44 offers a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship. If a problem occurs, the stock will be repaired or replaced at Peak 44’s option. See our warranty page for more details.

Yes, new, unused and unmodified stocks can be returned within 30 days of shipment for a $50 restocking fee.

Blacktooth stocks have been designed for factory actions. Users with custom firearms or non-Remington produced 700-style actions (and/or larger recoil lugs) will most likely require additional inletting/fitment in order for the stock to accept the action and/or barrel. A qualified gunsmith should be able to properly fit your action to a Blacktooth stock with an inlet designed for that base action/barrel configuration. Peak 44 can not guarantee fitment for non-standard configurations.

There are a number of quality bipods on the market that offer different features that are important for different users. We don’t have any specific recommendations.

For several seasons now we’ve been testing the Blacktooth in the field and at the range and have never experienced an issue with the use of a bipod. Being a carbon fiber stock, the Blacktooth is built to be both lightweight and strong. Since it is intended as an ultralight weight hunting stock, we don’t intend for shooters to put extreme loads on the front sling stud by overly ‘loading up’ a bipod, which transmits torque to the stock and sling stud. Though we haven’t seen any damage to date, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that someone could find a way to break one – it’d just take some doing…

We do not advise or warranty the addition of a second swivel stud as it would likely result in damage to the shell and/or interior fill. The factory-equipped swivel studs are affixed prior to the completion of the stock, resulting in their increased structure and rigidity. Remember, the Blacktooth is intended as an ultra lightweight stock!

Stocks should be packaged in Peak 44 original packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging, we would be happy to provide you new packaging to ship it back to us in.

Sadly, we do not. Find our available products and their specifications at

Swivel Stud Thread Pitch: 10-32

Distance Between Swivel Studs: 2.67"

How well can you shoot? Seriously though, the Blacktooth stock is designed as a robust, lightweight hunting stock. When properly bedded, the Blacktooth’s Rock Solid Carbon Link bedding system is designed to out-perform stocks of similar design and weight.

Sadly, no. The 3DHEX pad is specifically designed to be permanently affixed to the Blacktooth stock, so it doesn’t interface well with other stock designs.

There is no limit to the directions Peak 44 may go, so follow us in social media to stay apprised of any new products we might develop.

Out of the gate we started with several iconic rifles and are investigating possible additions to those. If you don’t see your preferred action, feel free to use our contact form to go on record that you’d be interested in a certain inlet.

Advertised weights for the Blacktooth stock are based on the average measured weights and are shown as X +- 1.5 oz. If your stock is outside this range, please reach out through our contact form. If it’s especially light, we might want it back for a personal build!

At the moment, length of pull is very specific to each inlet and pad style. Due to the method in which we manufacture and affix recoil pads in order to meet our goals of a supremely lightweight stock, we have no ability to modify length of pull individually.

Shipping/Delivery FAQs

After your order is placed, within 24 hours, the stock(s) has been
milled and therefore no changes to the inlet can be made.  If you want to make a change to the inlet (i.e. barrel size, bottom metal, action) there will be a $150 change fee.  If a stock is in the shipping department and you would like to change your color or add custom options there will be a $100 change fee plus applicable custom option fees.

All Canadian orders must be shipped USPS (United States Postal Service). Due to Canadian COVID-19 protocols the USPS will NOT deliver Peak 44 merchandise to your address. You must pick up all orders at your local post office.